10 April 2017
LIGHTBOX is developing content in 360º, but it’s not all!   Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Poland and England are the countries that are investigating and developing this new immersive...
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Feel the new Porto Canal

13 January 2016
We didn't stop ever since the first meeting in April. We started to work on the channel's brand equity, from the logo animation and jingles to promotions and links. Well, everything that relates to the corporate...
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Lightbox celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

01 September 2015
One decade has gone! During these 10 years we have produced over 3100 projects. We were the creators of the first saga of portuguese cinema and with it, we have created a new paradigm in it. Our “Balas &...
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Where work takes us: Angola.

13 August 2015
We're proud of our studio, our little corner on the universe where we make the magic happen. But often there is work that requires packing the tools and put the backpack on. It recently happened while filming for...
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Stand Up!

11 June 2015
Project KOA has arrived to the Portuguese music scene. By the end of 2014, the artist has challenged Lightbox to produce her first music video. We responded to the challenge and filmed during one weekend. With a...
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