01 September 2015

One decade has gone!

During these 10 years we have produced over 3100 projects.

We were the creators of the first saga of portuguese cinema and with it, we have created a new paradigm in it.

Our “Balas & Bolinhos” took more than 300 thousand portuguese people to the movies and we are in the top 10 of the most seen portuguese films, without any financial support from the state.

We decided to start these 10th anniversary celebrations at the beginning of the new year. We wanted to materialize our growth and to transmit our work philosophy in order to strengthen even more our presence in the market.

So this year, we washed our face and we presented ourselves with a "Cut the Crap" that reflects our attitude towards our work and our customers: We work without taboos, bluntly and with no excuses! We cut everything that doesn’t matter and filter out what's really important, top technology, effectiveness and fair price. With everything we need indoors, there are no excuses to not do our best at all stages of production of our films.

We currently have in our client portfolio some of the best listed companies in the national and international market.

Our team has grown. We were 4, now we are almost 40.

We encourage the talent and promote the formation of the people who wake up every day to come work with us. Of those who believe.

We can seem pretentious. But we're not. We are very proud of these 10 years and we want more for the next 10!

And be ready. A lot is yet to tell...