09 June 2015
Big and small appliances, in all shapes and colours, gadgets and cell phones, computers, LCDs, a building with more than 2000m2, Lightbox's team, during the night and João Manzarra. An equation difficult to...
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We all have a Mission

03 June 2015
The very same day that Mission Continente was born, its anthem was also presented. Actually, it was already playing in our heads ever since last week, and for some of us it was hard to stop repeating the chorus. But...
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With both feet firmly on a pavement that fits perfectly.

10 March 2015
We’ve already shot in the air and under the ground, and now we’re shooting on all fours. More precisely: on top of a skater that allows filming on a continuous move, extremely close to the ground. It was for...
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03 March 2015
If you intern with us, the only coffees you’ll be getting are your own. You know as well as we do that the standard treatment of the trainee is to send him off on smaller, more paternalistic tasks, without great...
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We have a new image that is so us.

01 March 2015
In the year that Lightbox turned 10, we thought it might be time to adopt a new attitude. We are young, but we already wear adult clothes. Our previous image didn’t suit us anymore: it was appropriate during our...
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